We are a chain independent machine rental company with focus on environment, quality and service.

Who We Are

We are small enough to care about your project, and big enough to care about the environment.

Unlike larger rental companies with longer response time and higher costs, Sørby Utleie provides a personal customer experience so you can get your job done on time and in style. With a strong commitment to the environment, we continue to invest into our E-Series, 100% electric construction equipment.



Our journey so far

  • 2005

    Sørby Utleie (4tommer AS) was founded by twin brothers Erik and Lars Sørby as a carpentry company. After buying a lift for their own use in 2006, they started renting it out and the demand was so great that they hardly had time to use it in their own business. They therefore decided to buy another one to cover their own need for a lift.

  • 2009

    After running the company at home from the garage, we now need more space. We rent premises in Fossumveien 2 in Spydeberg. We are still doing the carpentry part, but the rental business is starting to take more and more of our attention.

  • 2012

    We get our first employee in the rental business and decide to put the hammer on the shelf and focus only on the rental business.

  • 2013

    We change our company name from 4tommer AS to Sørby Utleie AS. The turnover and activity are in rapidly growth, and we open our second department in Sarpsborg.

  • 2014

    We outgrow the building we rent in Fossumveien 2 and build a new HQ in Spydeberg. This was a big investment, but necessary to handle an annual growth of more than 50% a year.

  • 2016

    2016 Sørby Utleie buys Grøstad Utleie in Vestby where we then start our third department.

  • 2017

    We buy Sandmaskin Utleie in Halden and start up our fourth and currently last rental department. We thus have 4 strategically placed departments along the main traffic arteries in Østfold/Akershus to take care of the market that is in the central east country area.

  • 2018

    Sørby Utleie receives the rental award and is, among other things, honored for having built and developed a company which in our industry scores highly for quality, service, follow-up of its customers and impressive profitable growth. The company is the region's good example of business development with local roots and a good reputation. In 2018, we will also move into brand new premises at the Sarpsborg department.

  • 2021

    After a careful planning and construction process, we move into perhaps the world's most modern and innovative rental center and new HQ on Holtskogen Tomter. Here, everything has been arranged for sustainable solutions, HSE, Flow in processes and the possibility of expansion.

  • 2022

    We are moving the Vestby department to new premises where we will enter new, larger and adapted premises. Erik and Lars win the prize for Rental persons of the year in the European Rental Association. Part of their reasoning was as follows; The two recipients have, in addition to developing a successful rental business and new technology business, also contributed to the development of the rental industry in Norway.

This is just the beginning! Our story continues...


A word from the founders

"If you leave nothing to chance, you will not do stupid things, but you will do very little"

  • ellipse-233

    Lars Sørby

    Founder & Chairman of the Board

  • ellipse-234

    Erik Sørby

    Founder & Chairman of the Board

  • Coincidences

    The possibility that we had a founder sprout embedded, but as twin brothers we have always worked together to achieve our goals in everything from building a treehouse cabin in our childhood years to building our own house when we were 18 years old. Sørby Utleie didn't start as a rental business, but we had just taken a diploma in construction and started 4tommer AS, as a carpentry company in 2005. It was a fine autumn day in 2007 and we were at Dyrskuen in Seljord. We had saved up a few bucks, which we wanted to invest. When we went to the fair, we had no particular plan of what to invest in, but a lift that ran on tracks caught our interest. We jumped at the chance and bought it and thought that this could be nice to have in the carpentry business for our own use.

  • Dare to dream big

    We were on our first factory tour to Genie lift in the USA, the year was 2009 and we owned about 20 lifts at that time. We made our first purchase of a large boom lift on this trip, which we were very proud of. The following evening there was a gathering in the bar where Lars was eager to brag a bit about the purchase, which for us was very large. Lars got in touch with a rather quiet Finnish guy who was also on a factory tour, whereupon Lars explains the large investment and how many lifts we have for hire. The question that had to come was how many the Finnish guy had bought. The answer was 2000! The conversation naturally got a little weird after this, the guy turned out to be the purchasing manager for a larger rental company in Europe. The moral from this is, dare to dream big, for Sørby Utleie the dream of something big was probably born in this bar counter in Seattle, USA.

  • Building a business

    Building up a business from 1-50 employees, increasing turnover from 1-240 mil and at the same time bringing along profitability on the way requires a lot from everyone. In addition, we shall have a motto called super service always! When you start a business from scratch, you must do all the tasks yourself. Everything from washing machines, repairing them, customer contact and finances. It has given us a unique insight into how the customer should be looked after in all contexts and how you yourself would have been treated as an employee. The last is perhaps the most important, because if you take care of your employees and keep them motivated, they will also provide the best service to our customers. The secret behind the success of Sørby Utleie lies in a motivated team and the right strategy!

  • What will be the next big thing, where are we heading?

    The future strategy will involve a combination of technology, sustainability, digitalization, learning and flexibility to meet the needs of customers and drive sustainable growth in the industry. One of the biggest trends in the rental industry now is the increased use of technology and automation. This includes using IoT (Internet of Things) devices to collect data about machines and using automated software to manage the rental process and optimize the use of rental machines. Self-service solutions for flexibilities are also something that will come full circle. And of course, last, but not least, a replacement of machinery from fossil to fossil-free solutions. One thing that is certain is that Sørby Utleie will continue to take chances, dream big, have a motivated team and the right strategy for some very exciting years to come. Super service always!


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