What does zero emissions mean?

Zero emissions urgently! Norway has a great responsibility with the obligations they have undertaken through the Paris Agreement, where greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 40% compared to 1990 levels by 2030. The construction industry is one of the worst climate changers and if we halve our emissions, it will be equivalent to the entire fossil car fleet its emissions. Oslo municipality has one of the country's most ambitious climate and energy strategies to reduce its emissions. 30% of the city's transport emissions come from construction machinery on building sites. They have therefore put completely emission-free construction sites by 2025 on the agenda. This will require a lot from all parts of the construction industry. Sørby utleie has thus been a pioneer in offering solutions to cut greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, we won a tender and entered into a concession agreement with Oslo municipality for the delivery of 2 stk 8.5 ton battery electric excavators, a 16 ton cable electric excavator and 2 stk 5 ton battery electric wheel loaders as well as several smaller units to the world's first emission-free construction site.


This project, which was a crossroads in how a construction project can be carried out emission-free, has garnered a lot of national and international interest. This project was perhaps "bleeding edge" and ahead of what the market could actually deliver these types of machines, but with solid suppliers with ambitions behind us, we were able to show that this is possible and that this could be the future.

After this project, we have invested heavily in our E-series of emission-free machines. The series contains most of what you can think of for an emission-free construction site and we can deliver, among other things:

• Zero emission solutions for building heating and drying.

• Construction machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, compressed air and compression.

• Lifts of all types.

In order to make the emission-free journey of a machine complete, we have improvement potential for transporting the equipment to and from the construction site. From before, we have battery-powered service vehicles and crew vehicles, but among the heavy trucks there have been too many poor solutions and little to choose from until now. It should be said that all our trucks have Euro 6 engine technology, so they are not the worst in the pollution class. But finally the battery versions have now become so good that we have been able to order a battery-powered 3-axle Scania flatbed truck with a payload of 12 tonnes.

Sørby Utleie seeks to advance United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Climate Action

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