Technical support

There are many reasons why you may need assistance from our skilled mechanics. So whether it's a machine that has had problems, it needs service, an certified check or maybe you've run off a hydraulic hose, we're here to help you. If you call our main number 69838400 and press key selection 1, you will reach our service technician who will either assist you over the phone or send a mechanic to you by appointment.


On a daily basis, we have 10 mechanics and 7 service vehicles distributed among our departments who are there for you should you have trouble with the machine you rent from us. We move out in a short time so that you get the highest possible operating time on the machine.

We have spare parts and knowledge about our machines in stock!

24/7 Support

Should the accident be after closing hours, we have a 24/7 manned telephone. This is a phone that will mainly be used for service and repair of equipment that CANNOT wait until our normal opening hours. We are also there if there is an urgent need for equipment in the event of, for example, water leaks or an accident. Costs in connection with calls outside opening hours may be added.

Service and certifies control

All our machines must have regular service and an certified annual inspection. Our maintenance module captures which machines are due and we then carry this out either at the customer's premises for longer leases or in one of our workshops. Regular service such as lubrication, cleaning of filters etc. is an important part of our operation to prevent possible machine downtime.

Expert checks are carried out by our own and certified mechanics who are audited every year and re-certified every four years by Kiwa certification. We believe this is the most appropriate solution to get the checks carried out in a safe and efficient way, and that we are the ones who know our machines best!

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  • Documented and certified safety training.

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